Educational seminar on the rights and obligations of parties involved in the processing of personal data based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The seminar lasts a total of 3 hours and takes the form of a presentation during which participants can ask questions and get answers about any issue relevant to the implementation of the legislation.

Your business’ activities are taken into account in developing the content by focusing on the specifics of each company in the field of personal data protection. The presentation has also been designed to be practical and have as little legalese as possible.

Training objectives

Immediate goals:

  • To brief your company’s executives on the legal basics of personal data protection and how its implementation affects your business activities and their own professional activities when performing the duties assigned to them.
  • To raise awareness about the consequences of any breaches  of the applicable provisions.
  • To allow every executive to conduct a self-assessment of their own activities, and to adjust them accordingly, wherever needed.

Ultimate goals:

  • To reduce the risks of breaches of the personal data legal framework by transforming protection into a corporate goal
  • To improve the decision-making process of executives involved in personal data processing
  • To improve collaboration and communication between all departments involved
  • To practically showcase your business’ commitment and dedication to achieving effective protection of personal data for clients, shareholders and prospective investors, business partners and regulators, as well as your company’s own employees.

Andersen Legal has extensive experience in hosting specialised workshops to train personnel on regulatory compliance issues.  Among our clients, you will find large companies and groups in various business sectors such as tobacco, telecommunications, insurance, banking, IT/software development, construction, defence systems, pharmaceuticals and energy,  (to name a few).