GDPR in a Box


A complete toolbox with everything you need to achieve the highest level of compliance. Guidelines, policies, procedures and additional support and guidance in an “all-in-one” bundle which you can tailor to your own needs.

GDPR e-learning Box

The GDPR e-learning Box educational program is a complete distance educational program for your employees. The goal of the program is to raise awareness and to train your employees in order for the latter to meet GDPR requirements and contribute to the company’s compliance.

Profit for your company: avoiding fines for mismanaging employees, gaining competitive advantage and the added value your staff acquires.

The GDPR in a box – 3600 compliance box

The 360o Compliance box includes all the guidelines, documents and procedures needed in ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Customise your toolbox based on your own compliance needs and drive your business into the new age.

Build Your Box

Data Mapping Box

Does your company handle personal data as part of its business activities? If so, you are obliged to maintain a record of processing activities.

Employment Box

Do you employ people? Do you receive CVs from prospective employees? Companies that process employees’ personal data have specific obligations towards their personnel under the GDPR.

Privacy & Consent Box

Does your company manage client data? Companies that process clients’ personal data have obligations towards them under the GDPR, such as the obligation to inform.

Data Processing Agreement Box

Do you use subcontractors? If so, you should be aware that companies that outsource activities which include processing of personal data to subcontractors shall only use data processors who can provide sufficient warranties.

Policies & Procedures Box

Do you use CCTV? Do you use cookies on your website? If so, you should know that the company is liable and must comply with GDPR requirements


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) radically changed how a business operates and introduced additional obligations for both data controllers and processors.  The Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Support to Data Protection Officer services can be tailored to your business’ needs and ensure your ongoing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Add Up to your Box


Awareness and training seminars on the rights and obligations of those involved in the processing of personal data under the GDPR. The seminars can be tailored to the specific needs business and are designed to cover a wide range of business activities.

Implementation workshops

Specialized and experienced professionals undertake to customise deliverables based on your business’ needs. In addition, clarifications on how to practically implement them in day-to-day business operations are also provided.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

When the processing of personal data may expose to the rights/freedoms of natural persons to higher risk, or new technology is used, an assessment of the impact of the envisaged processing operations on the protection of personal data shall be carried out.

Data Breach Advisory

Personal data breach is the biggest challenge posed by the GDPR for businesses. Companies are obliged to detect the breach and manage it in a very short period of time.

Website GDPR Audit

Full compliance of websites with the data protection regulatory framework has become, undoubtedly, a key priority for European supervising authorities.


If you’d like to achieve a high level of compliance with the new Regulation you’ve come to the right place.

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