Privacy & Consent Box


Companies that process the personal data of customers, suppliers, associates and all natural persons involved, have GDPR-specific obligations towards them, i.e. the obligation to inform.  Companies must provide all the aforementioned persons with all information necessary to ensure fair and transparent processing as provided for by the GDPR, taking into account the specific circumstances and the context within which the personal data is processed.

In addition, under the GDPR, certain activities (i.e. promotional activities) require the natural person’s consent. The framework of consent has changed significantly when compared to the previous regime, and things have become much tighter.  Consent must now contain specific information and should be provided with a clear positive action which constitutes a free, specific, explicit and fully conscious indication of the natural person’s consent to the processing of such person’s personal data.

The Privacy & Consent Box contains all the standard forms needed, which once suitably edited and adapted to your business’s needs, constitute a real, effective step towards achieving compliance with the relevant obligations.